Rent Control Facts


The Ugly Truth About Rent Control

“Rent Control” is a concept that does more damage than good. If you prevent a landlord

from collecting fair market rent, which he or she is legally and morally entitled to, that sends a message to the community that local government values the comfort of poor people over that of those who are willing to invest in the community by building/buying apartment buildings, starting new businesses and creating jobs. There are more sensible ways to help poor people financially but to punish landlords and prevent them from collecting fair market rent, sends a terrible message to the business community. Any government, such as the Los Angeles City Council, that believes rent control is a good thing will eventually starts creating more laws that unfairly impact the business community. That is exactly what has happened in the City of Los Angeles and that is why so many businesses are leaving Los Angeles for a more business friendly city. When a business leaves Los Angeles, more people are going to lose their jobs.

This creates a domino effect and at the end of the line, the City itself starts to take in less money in tax revenues as more and more businesses leave Los Angeles. Now, the City is going to layoff at least one thousand city employees and probably more because the City doesn’t have the money to pay them for their services. So even though “rent control” may sound wonderful to the socialists on the City Council, it creates a chain of events where at every turn, more people lose their jobs, even City employees.

When a government starts catering to those who want more than they can afford, they are sewing the seeds of self-destruction. Rent control also create slums because if a landlord is not collecting enough money to may the mortgage, pay taxes, pay all the fees connected to own rental property and keep the property well maintained, the property will end up not being well maintained. Even if it is only cosmetic issues that are not well maintained, when a building starts to appear as if it is in decline, it sends a message to the community. This negative appearance inspires graffiti vandals to start spraying paint on walls on the property and on nearby property. Just ask any Police Officer, when an area starts to appear as if it is in decline, quite often there is an increase in crime. In Police work it is know as “the broken window factor”. When vandals notice a building that is unattended and has a few broken windows, it inspires them to do more damage in that area.

Putting socialist ideals aside… Let’s look at the truth why some people want rent control.

Some people don’t have the education to land a higher paying job so they can afford to rent an apartment in Los Angeles at fair market value. Yet our City Council caters to these “non-achievers” by punishing people who buy property and invest in Los Angeles.

This type of thinking will one day bankrupt the City of Los Angeles

Some people create more children than they can afford. If a man is working at a job where he is being paid only fifteen dollars an hour and he has a wife and four children, not only can he not afford a house for his larger than average family, he can’t even afford one bedroom apartment at fair market value in Los Angeles. That is why a large family will stay in the same rent controlled apartment for twenty years. Now this overcrowding puts a tremendous amount of wear and tear on the unit. This is a social problem not a landlord problem. It is wrong for the City not to allow landlords to evict tenants when they overcrowd an apartment. If the City Council cares so much about poor people with large families, and they should, they should come up with a rental assistance program so these people can move out of their cramped apartment into a much larger unit. Maybe every landlord and every renter in Los Angeles should pay ten dollars a month into a fund that does to helping the working poor with large families afford bigger apartments? By putting this social problem on the shoulders of landlords via rent control is Un-American.

Many young people who join violent street gangs come from families who live in rent control overcrowded apartments. There is a severe negative impact on the mental well being of children when they are brought up in an apartment that is so severely overcrowded that they sleep on the floor of the living, when they don’t have a room to call their own, when they have no place to go in their residence for a moment of privacy.

This gives them the urge to get out of their home as much as possible and spend more times on the streets. Overcrowding small apartment is the perfect breeding ground for the next generation of gang members. The stress and pressure of living in overcrowded small apartments makes teenagers vulnerable to the idea of that they can have a better life by joining a gang, becoming involved in crime because that is the road to making fast and easy money. Every day in Los Angeles, innocent people are rob and violently attacked by criminals who grew up in poverty and in unhealthy situations that gave them the wrong perspective on life. Even though it may not be obvious to most people, all that overcrowding, the problem that started it all was caused by “rent control”. Rent control is not the answer to any social problem; it is the cause of several social problems and it helps cause crime.

So that no one thinks that we as landlords view our tenants as the enemies we believe that there should be rental assistance programs to help retire people living on fixed incomes, to help the working poor, to help the disabled and large families who can not afford larger apartments.

When landlords are allowed to collect fair market value rent, this generates more tax revenue for the City and enables landlords to take proper care of their properties. This helps create more jobs for those in the contracting industry. Neighborhoods take on a better appearance and people start to feel a sense of pride about the area in where they live.

Now you know the truth about “rent control”. Forty-four states across the United States have ended rent control because they have figured out it does more damage than good. Will you help us wake up the socialists on the Los Angeles City Council? Their anti-business ideology is destroying Los Angeles. You must call their offices and write to them on a regular basis. Tell them to stop punishing landlords and business people or you will vote them out of office. If you know someone who has recently lost their job because their employer moved out of Los Angeles, tell that person about this web site and tell him or her to join us because we need to change our City’s anti-business national image.